What Makes Rockpool Different

We are an independent multi-family office providing bespoke wealth and investment solutions to Asia’s high-net-worth (HNW) families and new generations who are forging their own path to success.

Rockpool has a highly evolved ecosystem of partnerships with world-leading financial institutions and fund managers that enable us to deliver the institutional rigour our clients expect.  

Our committed team of specialists provides a full range of family office services, including asset allocation, legacy planning, wealth management, and corporate advisory. At the same time, our experienced chief investment office platform enables our clients to benefit from the unique opportunities that lie in the world's private markets.

Our Focus

What We Do

We specialize in combining family office flexibility with institutional gatekeeping for the families we serve. From investment management to family services, our team matches the family's goals to our services and customized solutions across our global ecosystem.

Rockpool's Values

Family Office Flexibility with Institutional Gatekeeping

Partnership Platform

Broadening the service landscape for the families we serve through our partnership ecosystem.

CIO Team

Extensive gatekeeping for investment opportunities that go beyond the traditional way of investing.

Family Services

Working together with Asia’s next generations on their journey.

Real Estate Capabilities

Specialized advisory capabilities & strategies

Rockpool People

Leveraging our in-house capabilities, expertise & network to provide a full-suite of holistic services to our families.

The Rockpool Connections

Rockpool is a new type of family office for the new generation where flexible capital, private investments, institutional banking and family office converge.